A blog in 2018? Why?

After a long and hard deliberation I finally decided to share my life experiences with other people. In 2018, where blogs are yesterday’s news and vlogs are everywhere one might ask why now? Why here? Well let’s just say I’m an introvert and I have not graduated to recording my self talking about my life as yet. I think people still read blogs though. I do. And when I do, I relate to most people and I feel that I want to share my thoughts with people too. I want to tell my readers ( hopefully I’ll have atleast one who would follow me) my view of the world. What I like and what I don’t like. Why politics and people are independent and…..ok I think I’m getting a bit carried away. This post is supposed to be an introduction. I’ll save that point for a later post.

Writing is relaxing, it takes you away from the world and you just focus on what you want to say. I can write for hours. I guess that is why I chose to write this blog. Idle minds are self- destructive. I will recommend to anyone if you want to stop over thinking then start writing. It has work for me. And with this blog, I hope it continues to channel that untamed energy into something productive.

A blog requires commitment, concentration and creativity. All of which I lack. Somewhat. So maybe as I excitedly and emotionally share my innermost thoughts and feelings with you I would work on those values that I so desperately desire. I’m in my third paragraph and I already feel empowered. I’m already thinking of my next post. So atleast the creativity part is working. 😁

That’s about it for my introduction to my blog. In summary I look forward to sharing my experiences with you. I’m excited to write and be engaged and most importantly share my troubles with people whom may be experiencing similar triumphs and if I help someone well I’ll be super excited about that. Look out for my next post where I’ll talk about myself and who I am. Untill then Peace, Love and Happiness.


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